Eurozone car registrations pick up, with Romania recording a 58.1% for October

Day in Review


New car registrations were up 8.7% for the month of October across the 27 members of the eurozone. The figure is lower than last month’s 14.5% increase but remains positive considering the year to date average of -0.1%.

Most the eurozone countries saw increases in new car registrations for October. The highest increases were recorded in Romania (up 58.1%), Lithuania (45.3%) and Ireland (up 29.1%). The only countries which saw a decrease in car registrations were the U.K (down -6.7%) and Cyprus (down -3.8%)

Source: Bloomberg

The Eurozone recorded a current account surplus of $28.2billions up from last month’s $26.6billions. The current account surplus increase was supported by an increase in goods surplus of $26.8billions and an increase in services surplus of $10.45billions. Meanwhile secondary income recorded a net outflow of -$13.08billions.

Source: Bloomberg

Construction output was up 0.7% month over month for the month of October. The figure comes higher than last month’s drop of -0.5% as well as higher than the year to date average of 0.1%.

Source: Bloomberg

United States

Housing starts were up 3.8% for the month of October coming lower than survey expectations of 5.1%. The figure remains an improvement from last month’s -9.4% drop in housing starts and comfortably higher than they year to date average of 1.1%.

Source: Bloomberg

Building permits were up 5% for the month of October coming higher than survey expectations of -0.4% and higher than last month’s figure of -2.7% as well as the year to date average of 0.9%.

Source: Bloomberg

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